Monday, 5 January 2009

Today is D day..

I am going to take control of my weight in 2009. I have been a serial Yo Yo dieter for years. Now weigh more than ever before. WW meetings are too expensive for me, but I do well on thier weight loss plan, soooo my Sister is going to join me & together we will win! 2 years ago we did really well, Liz lost 5 stone & I lost 4.5 stone.. Sadly we both fell off the wagon & are suffering for it. So wish me well. I have taken a before pic, but its so awful I am not going to post it till I have lost a stone or two. Fo health reasons I really need to make it this time. I am looking at 50lbs loss for my first goal. Then I will go for the next 50lbs. As you can see I have a daunting task ahead. Wish me luck.


Cindy F. said...

Best of luck Irene!! We're pulling for you:)

coral said...

I'm fighting right along with you matey (((())))

Cindy said...

Best of luck! My SIL and I are doing the same thing. We're doing a weekly weigh-in, and the first one is tonight :)

Kim said...

Irene...I lost 100 lbs (dont know what that is in stone) almost 3 years ago and have been able to maintain it. May I suggest my just cutting back your intake and eat only a couple meals a day early on. I eat a lot of apples and bananas with peanutbutter because the fat in peanut butter is the kind of fat your body will actually burn off and it also gives you a protein source. I also eat tons of veggies. I have at least a salad daily and greenbeans are your friend.

You can do this! Please keep us updated even if its a rotten week. We all have them. Don't forget your weight will plateau so you just need to change exercises then. If you have access to a cheap gym at least walk on the treadmill and ride the bikes. I can tell you what you would want to work up to and definetly lift weights.
I haven't lifed in 3 months because of school but I am going to begin again next week. Muscle weight weighs more but when you lift weights it strips your fat off quicker.

Good Luck and we're here for you!