Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Look how Sam has grown.

This was taken on Mothers Day, when my Family took me out for a meal.

Its time I was back!

My life went to He** in a hand basket in Febuary. I have now dusted myself off & trying hard to get back to some sort of normal living. My last CT scan showed that my Lung Cancer was back.. 3 years post op.. Nothing more to be done, so I am just getting on with things. The one good thing is, its a slow growing type, so my Oncologist "Thinks" I should be reasonably well till the end of the year. Plenty more Stitching time to be had then eh!

I have been keeping up with my projects, still stitching The Four Seasons Marolein Bastin & Cirque des Cercles with Wildflowers thread. I will take some pics soon & show my progress.